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AWB endorsement Description
AWB endorsement Description
I. Definitions
1. "Ya Horng" refers Asia Hong International Express Limited and its franchisees and agents. List franchisees can log in Asia Philip international express website inquiries;
2 "Express" means the waybill listed according to the decision by the sub-channels Philip file class or parcel of any goods transported;
3. "Can not express carrier" means
       ��?hazardous materials belonging to the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and other relevant government departments or organizations specified, hazardous materials, and are prohibited or restricted goods transported;
       ��?Failure to complete the declaration formalities in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Customs Goods;
       ��?Asia Hong think not safe, lawful transportation of goods (including, but not limited to: animals, cash, bearer negotiable instruments, precious metals and minerals, firearms, ammunition, body, pornography and illegal narcotics / drugs) .

Second, the sender agrees Philip solely responsible for the Asian transport routes and modes of transport and transit port during transport

Third, the recipient refuses to pay the freight, customs duties and other charges, Asia Philip has a lien on the shipment. If the recipient fails to pay the arrears in the sub-hong notice period, Ya Horng express right to deal with, also charged to the sender

Fourth, the sender must ensure that:
1 must accurately indicate the name and value of the goods in the customs declaration waybill specified location;
2 express packaging firm, and on the label affixed to ensure appropriate handling under normal circumstances;
3 Express is not "can not express carrier";
4 senders must comply with all applicable transportation laws, regulations and rules;
5. Provide transportation and customs clearance documents required to prove Philip Asia.

V. Ya Horng entitled to receive, without prior notice, in the case of express mail sender identification be opened

Six majeure
The reason for the loss or damage beyond the control of sub-hong caused, Ya Horng not liable. These reasons include, but are not limited to: natural disasters, such as earthquakes, tornadoes, storm, flood, fog; war, plane crash or embargo to force majeure; express the inherent vice or nature (whether known whether Asia Philip); riot or civil commotion; Africa and Asia and the Asia Hong Hong employee or employees do not have a contractual relationship of the person acts or omissions, such as sender, recipient, customs or other government departments.

Seven Principles of claims
1 Any claims must be accepted within 30 days in Asia, Hong Ya Horng made ​​by the sender to express in writing later, otherwise sub-hong will no longer accept any responsibility;
2 Any claims about lost or damaged pay only be dealt with in Asia after Hong shipping. Claims can not be deducted from the amount paid to the Hong freight in Asia.

Eight freight business
1 If the sender requested to pay the freight, you must clearly indicate in the consignment note, "freight", otherwise it will be regarded as freight prepaid;
(2) If the recipient refused to pay the freight, the sender need to ensure payment of this freight.

Nine, the Warsaw Convention
Customs declaration value of compensation for lost or damaged international shipments compensation under the relevant provisions of the "Warsaw Convention" declaration on the claims, express parcel provided by the sender in the form of invoices, but express the maximum amount of compensation for each vote no more than 100 U.S. dollars.

Ten, any employee or any other person has no power to sub Philip modify any provisions of the above, or in the name of sub-hong make any commitment.

XI Asia Hong terms sender and to abide by the terms of the sub-hong. After the goods to Asia, Hong agency, which means that the sender has been fully accept the above terms.

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